Vitamin A as in Awesome

Vitamin A as in Awesome


Vitamin A, the first vitamin to be discovered in 1930, has proved to really satisfy the gods. It is often referred to as “glow-in-the-dark” vitamin due to its ability to boost eyesight for individuals who can’t see well at night.

Begin with your skin, talk about your hair,  don’t forget your nails and any other surface lining of your body. The list is endless!Do you want to send off body infections? Vitamin A does that. It strengthens your immune system. Your bones and teeth would glow strong and healthy with the help of Vitamin A.

The vibrant orange color found in most of the foods that contain vitamin A is what also brands it the “glow-in-the-dark vitamin. Typically, it is not vitamin A that gives the fruits and vegetable the orange color. It is beta carotene. The carotene comes before vitamin A. It only becomes vitamin A when your body thinks that it needs it and therefore works on it.

You may also find vitamin A in sources having protein like the egg yolk, some dairy products, and some fish. Now, talk of the queen of vitamin A, the liver. Liver has been the number one source of the eye-sight-restoring vitamin for centuries. Almost any liver from the edible animals contains a dumbfounding percentage of the vitamin. And this is the best part, the vitamin A contained in this protein sources requires no processing since it is the real vitamin! You could still find this vitamin in the dark green vegetables like the broccoli, swiss chard, beet greens and spinach.

It is, however, important to note that vitamin A should only be taken in sufficient amounts. An overdose could lead to detrimental effects on your body. You don’t have to eat till your bones become weak and brittle. It could also lead to nausea and fatigue.

It is recommended that one only takes vitamin A supplements under directions from a physician. To reduce your chances of overdose, taking a liquid multivitamin.

You should also take more of the sources having beta carotene since the body only process the amount of vitamin A it needs. The body absorbs the vitamin A provided directly into the body, and you can guess the possible results; an overdose. So, choose yours wisely and glow with the correct quantity of vitamin A.



Deidre Hartfield Dee Hartfield