The Yoga Wheel

The Yoga Wheel


Curious about the Yoga Wheel

The Yoga wheel is circular prop best designed for the complete body.

 The wheel offers assistance in development of deep back bending practice. There are several different sizes of the wheel which you can select depending on your intended use. Using the Yoga Wheel offer’s 
a variety of amazing benefits in your body when incorporated into your yoga practice.

The Yoga Wheel

The wheel helps you roll your spine out and also assist in advanced posture during yoga. With postures like forearm and backbends balances, it helps to stretch your chest, shoulder, and hip flexors. Your entire spine will be massaged safely but deeply by this yoga wheel.

The yoga wheel can be used in so many different ways

Spine massage

Rolling the yoga wheel up and down your spine will bring you a great feeling as it will move with the counters of our spine. You can hold it static on the center for a backbend and roll slowly forward and backward to get a full spinal massage. Stretch and lengthen You can roll it from your hands behind your head and back. This helps to stretch your shoulders and spine releasing neck, head, and upper spine tension. There are more yoga poses you can try to target specific body parts.

Strengthen and tone the body

You can use the wheel on specific body parts like the legs, the core, the upper body, and the lower body as well. Rolling the wheel in different poses for these parts will help strengthen and tone your body.

Cultivate your balance

You can use the yoga wheel to stabilize body muscles. Different poses and exercises will help you enhance your body balance and agility. Poses like the garland and toe stand can be more easy and fun when using yoga wheel. It will help you have more balance, strength, and stability of engaged part.

Deepening of your practice

Yoga wheel will cultivate stability, strengthen and tone your body, and support backbends. This means that you will have a full-body workout and challenge.


Yoga wheels can be used in different ways during your stretches, exercises, and yoga poses. From building strength, aiding advanced poses, deepening your practice, and massaging your spine, yoga wheels will bring more creativity and fun in your yoga routine.


Deidre Hartfield 

Dee Hartfield