Sona Connected Fit Bit Bracelet

Sona Connected Fit Bit Bracelet


Sona Connected Bracelet is wearable technology that you’ll love to wear.​ Sona connects to the Caeden App to keep your wellness in balance by tracking physical activity,  plus training your resilience to stress. Wearable technology to optimize mind and body performance.

Features include


5 Guided Resonance Meditation Session options
Tracks your daily Resonance goals and progress

Interchangeble, sweat proof silicone band


Stores 10 days of continuous data

Active Time

Tracks your daily Active Time minutes
Calories burned

Heart Health Tracking

Resting Heart Rate
Heart Rate Variability
Real Time Heart Rate

Bands available in 2 sizes:


Charging & Battery

Battery life: up to 3 days of normal use
Charge time: one to two hours

Connects to the Exclusive Caeden App to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Sona Connected Fit Bit Bracelet