The Rules of the Game! Golf Etiquette for Girls

The Rules of the Game! Golf Etiquette for Girls

Golfing is for Girls! Did you know that 19% of golfers are female? This number is expected to rise even higher in the near future. Luckily you can join in with the fun sport of golf anytime as l learned. You can propel your way into the Female Golfers Hall of Fame. LOL, It’s definitely fun to dream! But hey you have to start somewhere.


This is what you need to know before venturing out as a girl in this male-dominated sport: ·

· The rules of the game

· What’s expected of you as a player

· Parts of the course (the playing field)

Rules and Conduct of the Game

  • Basically, the winner is the one who has used the least number of strokes to finish a round, depending on how many that particular game has. 
  • You’ll need a good golf club, to hit the golf ball and you’re expected to have fourteen of these. You can borrow or rent a set of golf clubs to begin with, then purchase your own when your game has developed. 
  • Additionally, every golfer is expected to respect other players by ensuring their safety while playing and keeping up with the pace of the game to make it fun and lively. It is also your responsibility to be graceful and play with integrity by tallying correct scores since there are no referees.


Dressing Up As a Female Golfer

Golf Attire is stylish, trendy and fashionable and you can put together some fabulous modern golf looks. The weather outside greatly contributes in your choice of golf attire and what to wear for the day. You can cover up more on chilly days by adding a long sleeve lightweight sweater that can easily be thrown on or off at any time.  On warmer and hotter days pair up your look with shorts and sleeveless top or a cute polo mini dress.

Top fashion designers are designing specific golf attire lines. Brands like Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren and Bogner are adding in golf attire to everyday looks.  Have fun with your golf look and make it your own personal style. Dress up with fun tops, jackets/sweaters, capris or skirts, sporty dresses, fun socks and golf shoes and throw in a golf cap.



The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and you can enroll in a golf class or clinic to start with the basics of the game. It will definitely help grow your interest and introduce you to other excited golfers.


Golf season is here and hopefully you’ll join me on the green.


Deidre Hartfield 

Dee Hartfield