Rolling with a Foam Roller

Rolling with a Foam Roller



Self-myofascial release, or Foam Rolling is really just an act of self-massage to release muscle tension. It’s performed by use of a foam roller to apply pressure or “rolling it” on certain muscles in your body that require some type recovery. Rolling helps with increasing mobility after intense exercise and whips your muscles back into their normal, elastic form. Returning your muscle to their normal form after any physical activity will prevent stiffening and allow you to be ready for performing physical activities anytime and anywhere.

Some benefits of using foam rollers include:

• It maintains the health of your Fascia which is essential for allowing regular motion 

• It helps for mobility after injury since new layers of Fascia are laid down as scarred tissue. This is important if you’re into a running, or a high impact exercise

• It makes your muscles more flexible which in turn, will give you more power and stamina during and after your exercise

• By loosening and strengthening the muscles, they prevent future injuries such as sprains and cramps which can be very debilitating

• Apart from alleviating muscle tension, it can also be used as a workout tool as they are used by some trainers to tighten the butt muscles.

From alleviation of muscle tension to an effective workout tool. Foam Rolling is an effective way to insure the health of your muscles and improve your over all physical condition.

If your serious about fitness, get yourself a foam roller and start to roll with it.