The GI Diet – What is Low Glycemic ?

The GI Diet – What is Low Glycemic ?

What is Low Glycemic ?

Understanding the low-glycemic standard of healthy eating measures how much specific food raises your blood sugar levels and insulin response. Blood sugar rises after eating plays an important part in weight management. Not only do high-glycemic foods cause weight gain, they also cause other negative effects like an increased appetite and increased triglycerides and 
fat in the body system. Many people think that a 
low-carbohydrate diet is a low-glycemic diet, which 
is wrong because the diet only leads to more 
body fat.


If you wonder what a low-glycemic diet is, it’s a diet consisting of more of fruits and vegetables as they are low-glycemic foods. As it’s difficult following such diets for long, you need to also take some glyconutrients or glyconutrient supplements.

Glyconutrients are sugars in fruits and vegetables which are essential for keeping the body healthy. They are needed for some essential biochemical processes of body cell communication and also improve the immune system.

While eight of these sugars are known, six of them are not available in your food. This is why you need to take some glyconutrient supplements made from fruits and vegetables to help in your fat loss regimen by maintaining a low-glycemic diet and keeping your body strong.


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