Feng Shui – How To

Feng Shui – How To

Improve your lifestyle with an ancient practice

Its spring and the perfect time to start managing our lives but we can’t do that without reorganizing our spaces. Feng Shui is all about that: achieving inner peace and radiating happiness through arranging your space.


Rearranging of items that surround you within the practice of Feng Shui will guide you towards clearing your path. It could mean getting rid of that weird rug in your kitchen, piles of clutter in a corner or a dying plant. If you’re craving for a positive and balanced spirit then elimination of objects ( Photos, an ex’s clothing, or bad temptations ) that could represent negativity is the first step towards leaving bad things beside you and letting positive energy help you regain a more peaceful life.


Once you’re done decluttering, you’ll be ready to move forward because a proper flow of energy has been enabled. Now all that’s left for you to do is to reinforce the positive energy to its maximum by creating a harmony between you and your belongings. A positive harmony between you and your stuff. What affects an atmosphere the most is the balance of lightning. In Feng Shui it’s important to pay attention to your windows, they’re your eyes to the outdoors.


Also pay attention to those dark corners in your home or office. Plants and various earthly objects like wood, stones or crystals work well in dark corners. Colors are really important as well! In Feng Shui every color represents one of five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) and weather it’s red for passion (bedroom) or a blue for freshness (bathroom), the goal is to harmonize them with your life spirit.


​If you dare to step forward and revitalize your daily routine, Feng Shui is a helpful start and absolutely life changing. Release negative energy flow in your space and discover a clear path to a more balanced and harmonious life.


Deidre Hartfield 

Dee Hartfield