Why Drinking Green Tea is so Beneficial

Why Drinking Green Tea is so Beneficial


Do you love drinking green tea?

Did you this green plant can effectively improve you overall health?

Green tea provides numerous health benefits; weight loss, disease fighting..Recent research confirmed that drinking a cup of green tea everyday can reduce the risk of breast cancer for

So, drink up. Your overall health is about getting better.

Here are some green’s tea health benefits :

1) Weight loss success :

Green tea is thought to increase the metabolism. Dietitians suggest that the ”polyphenol” that can befound in green tea works effectively to raise levels of fat oxidation and turn food into calories.

2) Diabetes (All types) :

Green tea may help regulate glucose levels, that’s is to say, slowing the abnormal increase of blood sugar after each meal during the day. This may prevent high insulin sensitivity.

3)Heart Disease :

Green tea may work on the lining of blood vessels. That is to say, green tea help blood vessels to stay relaxed, better and able to

withstand any possible change in blood pressure. What’s more, green tea can protect you against symptoms of blood clots, and this is primarily may bring about dramatic results, heart attacks for instance.

4) Intelligence Booster :

Certain compounds in green tea can improve your intelligence as well as make you active and smarter. The principal ingredient is

caffeine which is a stimulant. Green tea doesn’t contain a lot of caffeine compared to coffee.

5) Anxiety and Depression :

There is a substance can found in tea leaves, this substance is called ”theanine”, scientists confirmed that this substance provides a relaxing effect especially to those who drink tea everyday.

6) Skincare :

Most women are always complaining about wrinkles and dry skin. In this context, green tea can help you completely remove signs of aging thanks to its antioxidant and anti inflammatory activities. Studies suggest that green tea may reduce sun damage.

All things considered, green tea is more than just a green liquid, however its compounds ,especially those in the leaves, have an enormous positive effect on the overall health as it contains a huge amounts of nutrients. It is mainly loaded with polyphenols and theanine which function as a powerful antioxidants.


Deidre Hartfield 

Dee Hartfield