The Amazing Effects of Olive Oil for your Health

The Amazing Effects of Olive Oil for your Health

Your Body on Olive Oil

People have always appreciated beauty and are always finding different ways to maintain or improve it. A lot of us are conscious of our looks, and our health. Olive oil has been around for millions of years and is even considered among the important foods of the Bible. But few people know that it has numerous health and physical benefits.

· Weight loss and obesity prevention 

Olive oil is good for controlling weight as it regulates insulin, the hormone responsible for weight. Having a diet that contains olive oil along with exercises can help keep you fit. The US FDA recommends eating two tablespoons daily.

· Maintains healthy skin and hair

The antioxidants contained in olive oil help to maintain a youthful appearance. This is because it prevents destruction of cells. It helps in hydrating the skin, accelerating wound healing processes, and fighting off serious infections like eczema and acne. Food allergic reactions and inflammations can also be reduced significantly by having olive oil in your diet.

You can also get thick, long and luscious hair like Rapunzel’s. Olive oil works wonders for your hair because of its richness in vitamin E. It fights hair loss and moisturizes. It contains nutrients like magnesium that aid in the growth of hair. Your hair will look healthier than before, less brittle and have less chance of breaking off.

Olive oil especially extra virgin olive oil has been known to even benefit your heart. You can cook with it, bake or add it to your favorite salads and other dressings.

Use olive oil for a healthier diet, body, and for improved overall appearance.


Deidre Hartfield 

Dee Hartfield